Monday, May 16, 2011

let's start something here


Friday, February 18, 2011

is that wrong?

for those who already followed my twitter, of course you'd already know that I'm single now.
and my ex seems really angry. why did I decide to be single? it's my time to move, our relationship is useless. I couldn't hold it anymore. I became a jealous girl, sensitive and decided to be single. It got worse and more and more worse.
yes, I love him. I always support him no matter what. but yes, our differences were more bold and I knew that I should stop this. I can be a perfect girlfriend for him. I'm busy with college, school but he wanted to go out and something like that. yes, I'm not that kind of girl. day by day, I saw our differences were more bold and bold. I didn't anything to get worse.
and yes he's furious. he keep mocking me until now. yes I know, he's upset. but please I offer him a friendship. he doesn't want it. but please, isn't he tired mocking me all the time? I support him to go to Germany, I support him to be a future you chef. I'm trying to ignore all the words he said, but I'm sensitive, so what should I do?

and now I fed up. I'm don with boys. I just got a very broke heart because of Sir. but He still a friend~
and the worst thing is I need someone. yes I need a boy, I can't count on Sir, my ex just make me feel more bad and bad. I need someone who I can count on..
I need someone, God I need someone..
one more, I'm thinking to close my heart (oh my God)
God please answer me~


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

holiday things

refreshment for my wall, love the blue bird so much :D

my computer screen is growing fast ;)

the right side of my bed

I introduce you "Fire & Water"

Idul Fitri holiday :D eat a lot, meet your relatives, hang out with families, wake up late (this is the best part after eat a lot :D), go to your hometown, etc. so many things that u cando.
for me, it's the right time to do my art activity. yeah me and big sister vantiani spent the time with painting!

the fourth picture is my new painting "Fire & Water". I just love the lace :)

how about your holiday guys? ;D



Monday, September 13, 2010


What is the first thing in your mind if I say, adult?


your parents?

or even


it depends.
I might say, it's all about porn. if you enter the word key "adult" in Google, hold your libido *I'm talking to you boys all over the world.

but this time, let's just say, sometimes I hate adult's talk (for parents) especially when they talk about their children. and you have a cousin, he/she is clever, brilliant, einstein, got a science program at school.
and you're just a band member, love to hangout, socialize a lot, got a social program, seldom got a perfect score and~ yeah it's me~

my mom ever said this "arum is also not a clever girl". well I am. but it hurts until now.
I dream a lot, I did something a lot to reach it, being a positive girl all the time but I don't know why it makes me such a mess.

I've written all my dream in my diary, my notebook, my brain, my heart, my soul and my self.
nobody can make it destroyed.

tell everybody in the world, me, the next young biz girl, artist, musician, always generous and stylish (amen!) IS COMING!


Thursday, August 19, 2010

yes I'm a JERK

yes, I'm a jerk, totally. also a rude blogger. It's been a month since I take a break for blogging. I miss you so much Polka Didot. now I'm still busy for my last grade of my senior high school, so I hope I can check and talk with u guys.



Monday, June 7, 2010

jujur pada diri sendiri

I am a rude blogger, yes I am. Hi guys, what's up? It's been a very long time since the last post. yes I am so fuckin' busy now. a lot of things going on. well, I'm supposed to study now, but something really bothers me.

I have decided that, I want to quit from my music course.

violin is me, violin is my identity but sometimes we cannot do all of this things.
I will pass my grade and move on to 12th grade of senior high school. and it means that this is the time to work harder to pass the national exam. I've been thinking so much stuffs lately, and I just realized that there's to much schedule in my journal, I have to concentrate my school and I want to get a scholarship from my dream business school. From now, I really really want to concentrate only about my EDUCATION. yes, this is the first time that I felt this way.
but there's one thing that I cannot do now,

I'm still afraid to tell my parents.
so I told this to my sister, Ika and my best friends Mega & Meri.

I asked Ika, " pep, have u ever want to quit from something? but u love that thing so much?"
and Ika said " ga usah quit sama sekali. lo ttp maenin walaupun dlm skala kecil dan dikamar misalnya. tapi jgn pernah berhenti!"

after talking talking talking talking and talking...
yes my decision is clear.
Ika said "semuanya berubah sayang dan nggak perlu jadi super dan bisa melakukan semuanya kan?"
I asked her again, " am I wrong? gw linglung ya?"
"enggak kok, lo ga salah. lo mencoba jujur sama diri loe dan sama mereka"

so the point is clear, " I quit from my music course and the orchestra things, but not 100% stop playing. yes violin is always be my identity. I'm not a quitter. I'm just a girl who try to be honest with my self and wants to have a new experience of life in this world."
I will do my best to be the most independent and young business girl. Amiin

Hope's everything fine. and the last, do a thing that you love and always be honest to your self, because only our self can do it, no body can control you.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

my "just for fun" art

well, this is what I do in my spare time. painting on a "already used" things. well except this tiny 3 wood spoons. not good enough hhe hope u enjoy. thank u my talented sister vantiani for the photos (available in her blog too)